My Life, or lack there of.

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I… I don’t even know…. sometimes things just spill out of me.

What’s up, sexy?

You want to come over?

Blaine contemplated for a moment before typing back a reply.

I’ll be there in ten.

Blaine took in a deep breath as he pulled up in front of Eli’s house. He needed a distraction, Kurt was too busy to talk, and as nice as everyone was at McKinley, he didn’t really feel like they understood what he was going through, it wasn’t even worth it to try to talk about it. He needed someone to talk to, someone to take his mind off of things for a bit.

He rang the doorbell and was quickly greeted with Eli’s smiling face. “Hey, sexy! Glad to see you!” 

"Yeah, thanks for inviting me over." Blaine said, stepping through the door. "I just feel so lonely without Kurt, you know?"

Eli slapped his hand on Blaine’s shoulder. “I know, Blaine. I think I can help you get your mind off of Kurt for a bit. If you want.” He said with a smirk, leading Blaine to the rec room.

Blaine smiled, it was nice to finally have someone that actually cared to help him, someone who actually acknowledged him. “I think that’s definitely what I need right now.” Blaine breathed out. 

They sat down on the couch and Eli flicked on the TV, Blaine wasn’t sure exactly what was playing, but he figured it was more for background noise while they chatted anyway. “So, Blaine.” Came Eli’s voice, his arm wrapping around Blaine’s waist. “You want to get your mind off of Kurt?”

"God, yes." Came Blaine’s desperate voice. At this point, Blaine was up for talking about anything. Eli could have talked nonstop about himself and Blaine would be fine with it. It was then that Blaine felt Eli’s hand working at the buttons of Blaine’s shirt, his lips pressed roughly against Blaine’s as he began to shift his weight so he was pinning Blaine to the couch. 

Blaine tried to protest, tried to push the other boy off of him, but Eli had a good six inches on Blaine and was much stronger, so it was no use. Eli’s tongue tried desperately to poke through Blaine’s pursed lips. “C’mon, Blaine. I thought you said you wanted to forget about that boyfriend of yours?” 

"I.. I didn’t want to forg—" Blaine’s words were cut off as Eli’s lips attacked his own. 

"Shh.. Just relax. I promise I’ll make it worth it for you." He murmured against Blaine’s lips, moving his hands down to undo Blaine’s jeans. 

Blaine closed his eyes, willing this all to be a bad dream, a small tear falling down his cheek. He pulled his knees together, pulling them as close to his chest as he could. What he wouldn’t do to be home safely wrapped up in his bed right now. 

Despite his best efforts, Eli was able to pull Blaine’s jeans down to his ankles. “S..stop.” Blaine choked out, trying desperately to tug his jeans back into place. 

"Relax Blaine. It’s no big deal. Just enjoy! I promise you’ll be thanking me later!" Eli hissed, his eyes almost growing darker. 

Blaine tried to use his angle and the strength in his legs to push Eli away with his feet, maybe even catch him in the nuts if that’s what it took to get him to back off. Eli only use it to his advantage and caught Blaine’s foot and pulled off Blaine’s shoe and the leg of his pants. He took no time in completely closing the distance between his and Blaine’s bodies, and ground his hard cock against Blaine.

"P..please. Stop." Blaine whimpered, pushing as hard as he could on Eli’s shoulders. "Please."

"I think what you mean to say is ‘Don’t stop’." Eli growled. "Say it for me Blaine, ‘Don’t. Stop.’"

"Please, Eli. Don’t. Please stop! Please." Blaine pleaded, his arms wavering as Eli shifted them so Blaine was flat on his back against the couch, his pants still hanging around one ankle. 

"Shut UP, Blaine! I know you want it. Just stop talking already. Maybe your little boyfriend was into it, but I’m not." Eli growled, pulling Blaine’s boxers down so roughly that he was sure he heard them rip. 

Blaine felt Eli reaching under the cushion under him before he saw Eli pop the cap on the bottle of lube he had retrieved. Before Blaine could even fully comprehend what was happening, he felt Eli’s slick finger pushing into him. “Fuck, Blaine. You’re so tight. Didn’t your little boyfriend take care of you enough?”

"Eli…. please…" Blaine sobbed brokenly, his body shaking.

"Shh, I’m getting there, Blaine. I know you want me, but you have to be a little patient. I’m getting there." Eli said, roughly thrusting two fingers in. 

Once Eli felt that Blaine was adequately enough stretched, he lined himself up and thrust in roughly, groaning at how tight Blaine still was around him. 

There was no use even fighting anymore, Blaine’s strength was completely gone, his body felt completely hollow and weak from fighting back, there was nothing he could do now but screw his eyes shut as tight as possible and imagine he was somewhere else as sobs shook through his body.

It seemed like too long before Blaine felt Eli’s weight leave his body, his hole thoroughly abused and dripping with Eli’s come. He shifted uncomfortably as he got up off the couch, and scrambled to pull his boxers and pants back on all the way as well as find his other shoe. 

"What? No round two?" Came Eli’s voice, a pout on his face.

It wasn’t until Blaine was home that he checked his phone and noticed his new wallpaper, a picture of Eli’s cock buried deep in a crying and very broken Blaine. He could only be glad that Eli didn’t send it to his whole contact list.

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